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Termites have been around for millions of years, but it’s only been in the past 60 years that termite damage has posed a significant threat to homes. Today, whether you’re building, buying, or selling a home, you should have a Kentucky termite inspection.

There are numerous Kentucky termite exterminators who will provide a thorough termite inspection and help you with Kentucky termite prevention. For optimal Kentucky termite prevention and termite treatment, look for a Termidor® Certified termite exterminator.

TermidorHome.com can help you find a Termidor Certified Pest Professional in your area that will perform a Kentucky termite inspection and recommend an effective course of treatment to either solve an existing termite problem or provide Kentucky termite prevention. Please select your city from the list below:

Alphabetical Listing of Cities in Kentucky

Alphabetical Listing of Cities in Kentucky
Aberdeen, KY Adairville, KY Ages Brookside, KY
Allensville, KY Argillite, KY Artemus, KY
Ashcamp, KY Asher, KY Ashland, KY
Athol, KY Auburn, KY

Bagdad, KY Bardstown, KY Bardwell, KY
Barlow, KY Baskett, KY Battletown, KY
Baxter, KY Bays, KY Beattyville, KY
Beaver Dam, KY Bedford, KY Bee Spring, KY
Beech Creek, KY Beech Grove, KY Beechmont, KY
Belfry, KY Bellevue, KY Belton, KY
Benham, KY Benton, KY Berea, KY
Berry, KY Bethany, KY Bethlehem, KY
Beverly, KY Big Creek, KY Big Laurel, KY
Bighill, KY Bimble, KY Blackey, KY
Blackford, KY Blaine, KY Bledsoe, KY
Bloomfield, KY Boaz, KY Booneville, KY
Bradfordsville, KY Brandenburg, KY Bremen, KY
Brodhead, KY Brooks, KY Brooksville, KY
Browder, KY Brownsville, KY Bryants Store, KY
Bryantsville, KY Buckner, KY Burgin, KY
Burkesville, KY Burlington, KY Burna, KY
Butler, KY

Cadiz, KY Calhoun, KY California, KY
Calvert City, KY Calvin, KY Campton, KY
Canada, KY Cane Valley, KY Caneyville, KY
Canmer, KY Cannel City, KY Carlisle, KY
Carrollton, KY Carter, KY Catlettsburg, KY
Cawood, KY Cecilia, KY Center, KY
Centertown, KY Central City, KY Cerulean, KY
Chaplin, KY Chappell, KY Clarkson, KY
Clay, KY Clay City, KY Clayhole, KY
Clearfield, KY Cleaton, KY Clifty, KY
Clinton, KY Closplint, KY Cloverport, KY
Coalgood, KY Columbus, KY Corbin, KY
Corinth, KY Corydon, KY Covington, KY
Coxs Creek, KY Crab Orchard, KY Crestwood, KY
Crittenden, KY Crockett, KY Crofton, KY
Cromona, KY Cromwell, KY Cunningham, KY
Curdsville, KY Cynthiana, KY

Danville, KY Dawson Springs, KY Dayhoit, KY
Dayton, KY De Mossville, KY Deane, KY
Denniston, KY Denton, KY Dexter, KY
Dixon, KY Dorton, KY Dover, KY
Drakesboro, KY Dry Ridge, KY Dubre, KY
Dunbar, KY Dundee, KY Dunmor, KY
Dycusburg, KY

Earlington, KY Eastview, KY Eastwood, KY
Eddyville, KY Elizaville, KY Elk Horn, KY
Elkfork, KY Elkhorn City, KY Elkton, KY
Elliottville, KY Emerson Orcutts Grocery, KY Eminence, KY
Eolia, KY Erlanger, KY Ermine, KY
Essie, KY Etoile, KY Evarts, KY
Ewing, KY Ezel, KY

Fairview, KY Falcon, KY Fall Rock, KY
Falls of Rough, KY Falmouth, KY Fancy Farm, KY
Farmers, KY Farmington, KY Fedscreek, KY
Fisty, KY Flat Lick, KY Flemingsburg, KY
Florence, KY Fords Branch, KY Fordsville, KY
Forest Hills, KY Fort Campbell, KY Fort Knox, KY
Fort Thomas, KY Foster, KY Fourmile, KY
Frakes, KY Fredonia, KY Freeburn, KY
Frenchburg, KY Ft Mitchell, KY Fulton, KY

Gapville, KY Garfield, KY Garner, KY
Garrard, KY Garrison, KY Gays Creek, KY
Georgetown, KY Germantown, KY Ghent, KY
Gilbertsville, KY Girdler, KY Glasgow, KY
Glencoe, KY Glendale, KY Glens Fork, KY
Goose Rock, KY Gordon, KY Gracey, KY
Gradyville, KY Graham, KY Grahn, KY
Grand Rivers, KY Gravel Switch, KY Grays Knob, KY
Grayson, KY Green Road, KY Greensburg, KY
Greenup, KY Greenville, KY Gulston, KY
Guston, KY

Hallie, KY Hampton, KY Hanson, KY
Happy, KY Hardburly, KY Hardin, KY
Hardinsburg, KY Hardy, KY Hardyville, KY
Harlan, KY Harned, KY Harrods Creek, KY
Harrodsburg, KY Hartford, KY Hawesville, KY
Hazel, KY Hazel Green, KY Hebron, KY
Heidelberg, KY Heidrick, KY Hellier, KY
Helton, KY Henderson, KY Herndon, KY
Hickman, KY Hickory, KY Hillsboro, KY
Hillview, KY Hindman, KY Hinkle, KY
Hiseville, KY Hodgenville, KY Holland, KY
Holmes Mill, KY Hope, KY Hopkinsville, KY
Horse Cave, KY Hoskinston, KY Huddy, KY
Hudson, KY Hulen, KY Hustonville, KY
Hyden, KY

Independence, KY Ingram, KY Irvine, KY
Irvington, KY Island, KY Island City, KY
Isom, KY Isonville, KY

Jackhorn, KY Jackson, KY Jeff, KY
Jeffersonville, KY Jeremiah, KY Jetson, KY
Jonesville, KY Junction City, KY

Keene, KY Kenton, KY Kenvir, KY
Kevil, KY Kirksey, KY Kite, KY
Knifley, KY Knob Lick, KY Kuttawa, KY

La Center, KY La Fayette, KY La Grange, KY
Lancaster, KY Latonia, KY Lebanon Junction, KY
Leburn, KY Leitchfield, KY Lejunior, KY
Lerose, KY Letcher, KY Lewisburg, KY
Lewisport, KY Lexington, KY Linefork, KY
Littcarr, KY Livermore, KY Livingston, KY
London, KY Lone, KY Lost Creek, KY
Louisville, KY Loyall, KY Lynch, KY

Mackville, KY Madisonville, KY Magnolia, KY
Mallie, KY Malone, KY Mammoth Cave, KY
Manitou, KY Mannsville, KY Marrowbone, KY
Martha, KY Mary Alice, KY Mason, KY
Mayking, KY Mayslick, KY Maysville, KY
Mazie, KY Mc Daniels, KY Mc Henry, KY
Mc Kee, KY Mc Kinney, KY Mc Quady, KY
Mc Roberts, KY Melbourne, KY Middlesboro, KY
Milford, KY Millstone, KY Millwood, KY
Minerva, KY Miracle, KY Mistletoe, KY
Mitchellsburg, KY Mize, KY Morehead, KY
Morganfield, KY Morgantown, KY Morning View, KY
Mortons Gap, KY Mount Hermon, KY Mount Olivet, KY
Mount Sherman, KY Mount Vernon, KY Mousie, KY
Mozelle, KY Muldraugh, KY Munfordville, KY
Muses Mills, KY

Nebo, KY Neon, KY Nerinx, KY
Newport, KY Nortonville, KY

Oak Grove, KY Oakland, KY Oil Springs, KY
Olaton, KY Olive Hill, KY Olmstead, KY
Oneida, KY Ophir, KY Orlando, KY
Owensboro, KY

Paint Lick, KY Park City, KY Parksville, KY
Partridge, KY Pathfork, KY Payneville, KY
Pellville, KY Pembroke, KY Pendleton, KY
Perryville, KY Petersburg, KY Philpot, KY
Pikeville, KY Pine Ridge, KY Pine Top, KY
Pineville, KY Pippa Passes, KY Pittsburg, KY
Plummers Landing, KY Poole, KY Powderly, KY
Premium, KY Preston, KY Primrose, KY
Princeton, KY Providence, KY Putney, KY

Quincy, KY

Radcliff, KY Ravenna, KY Redfox, KY
Reed, KY Reynolds Station, KY Rhodelia, KY
Ricetown, KY Richmond, KY Rineyville, KY
Roark, KY Robards, KY Rochester, KY
Rockfield, KY Rockholds, KY Rockport, KY
Rocky Hill, KY Rogers, KY Rosine, KY
Roundhill, KY Rousseau, KY Rowdy, KY
Roxana, KY Royalton, KY Rumsey, KY
Rush, KY Russell, KY Russellville, KY

Sacramento, KY Saint Francis, KY Saint Helens, KY
Salyersville, KY Sanders, KY Sandgap, KY
Sandy Hook, KY Sassafras, KY Saul, KY
Scottsville, KY Scuddy, KY Sebree, KY
Sharon Grove, KY Shelbyville, KY Shepherdsville, KY
Siler, KY Silver Grove, KY Sizerock, KY
Slaughters, KY Slemp, KY Smilax, KY
Smith Mills, KY Smithfield, KY Smiths Grove, KY
Soldier, KY Somerset, KY Sonora, KY
South Portsmouth, KY South Union, KY South Williamson, KY
Sparta, KY Spottsville, KY Stanford, KY
Stanley, KY Stephensport, KY Stinnett, KY
Stoney Fork, KY Sturgis, KY Sullivan, KY
Sulphur, KY Summer Shade, KY Summersville, KY
Sweeden, KY

Thousandsticks, KY Tompkinsville, KY Totz, KY
Trenton, KY Tyner, KY

Ulysses, KY Union, KY Union Star, KY
Uniontown, KY Upton, KY Utica, KY

Van Lear, KY Vanceburg, KY Vancleve, KY
Verona, KY Vest, KY Vicco, KY
Vincent, KY Vine Grove, KY Viper, KY

Wallingford, KY Wallins Creek, KY Walton, KY
Warbranch, KY Warfield, KY Warsaw, KY
Washington, KY Waverly, KY Webster, KY
Welchs Creek, KY Wendover, KY West Liberty, KY
West Louisville, KY West Point, KY West Van Lear, KY
Westview, KY Wheatcroft, KY Whick, KY
White Mills, KY White Plains, KY Whitesville, KY
Williamsburg, KY Williamsport, KY Williamstown, KY
Willisburg, KY Wittensville, KY Woodbine, KY
Woodburn, KY Woodbury, KY Wooton, KY
Worthville, KY Wrigley, KY

Yeaddiss, KY Yerkes, KY

Zoe, KY



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Termidor® termiticide/insecticide is America’s #1 termite defense product. A professionally applied Termidor termite treatment is the best way to eliminate a termite infestation and prevent future termite infestations from damaging your home. For unparalleled termite control and to protect your home, rest assured with Termidor.